Roma Restaurant is a place with original Italian cuisine. Its history began with a small food truck at the famous OFF Piotrkowska in Łódź. With its growing popularity, it's time to open a full-scale restaurant that will welcome even more fans of Mediterranean delicacies. It was then that the owners asked us for support in promoting this significant change.

2x more

opinions in Google.

by 512%

the reach of the Instagram account has increased.

about 46 k

people viewed the company's business listing on Google during the quarter.


We faced the challenge of changing the perception of the Roma brand, from a food truck serving pizza to a high-class restaurant in the city center. Our task was to create a solution that would transform the brand's image in the eyes of recipients and increase their engagement in social media.



We have created a new visual identification of the brand based on the existing logo, which has remained in the memory of recipients over the period of the food truck’s existence. Then we implemented it on the newly created website and in existing social media and the restaurant’s business card on Google.

We planned and implemented new brand communication on the Internet, the main task of which was to present its refreshed look and character.

We also organized an important event for the customer – the opening of a restaurant in a new location. We promoted the event on Facebook and Instagram and invited famous influencers from Łódź to cooperate.

In the following months, we continued activities to activate recipients in social media to increase its popularity on the Łódź catering market.


  • We have organically reached over 16,000 Instagram accounts within 3 months.
  • We increased the number of visits to the brand’s profile on Instagram by 243% compared to the period before starting marketing activities, and the audience engagement was up to 100% every day.
  • The company’s profile on Google was viewed 45,981 times in one quarter. During this time, users made over 1,000 phone calls to the company.
  • The editors became interested in the restaurant, as a result of which articles promoting the opening of the newly established restaurant appeared on websites such as and
  • Reservation of 60 tables during the opening week.

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