We Make It agency
consists of experts from
various marketing fields.

Our team!

  • Founder
    Patryk Kempiński

    The founder of the We Make It agency. With 7+ years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, he also continually develops himself as an entrepreneur and YouTuber in his daily life.

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  • Adrian Olejnik
    General Manager
    Adrian Olejnik

    He's in charge of project management, ensuring every deadline is met. He is enthusiastic about F1 in his spare time.

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  • Aleksandra Grabczewska
    SMS & Paid Ads
    Aleksandra Grabczewska

    She handles clients' social media and manages paid campaigns. Privately, she's a fan of placing commas in the right spots.

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  • Juliusz Sipka
    Buzz Specialist
    Juliusz Sipika

    An amateur crypto investor who's weathered more than one bear market. After working at the agency, he takes the stage as a stand-up comedian.

  • Edyta Derendowska
    Buzz Specialist
    Edyta Derendowska

    She rules on TikTok and knows how to make things go viral. Privately, she's a gym enthusiast who loves lifting weights and a big fan of her dachshund, Precel.

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  • Marta Potempa
    Graphic Designer
    Marta Potempa

    A head full of ideas. She can handle any graphic challenge. Her hobby is collecting rubber ducks.

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  • Karolina Plac
    Graphic Designer
    Karolina Plac

    Crafted from creativity, precision, and a large dose of patience. At home, she indulges in calligraphy and enjoys playing indie games.

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  • Kinga Łaban
    Graphic Designer
    Kinga Łaban

    She's our 3D graphics specialist. She can bring every project to life, both literally and figuratively. After hours, she loves restoring old vehicles back to life.

  • Przemysław Olędzki
    Copywriter / Technical Writer
    Przemysław Olędzki

    He is unrivaled in technical writing. He loves discussing topics related to economics, psychology and cryptocurrencies.

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Our Partners!

Catering supplier
Roma restaurant

Restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine located at Piotrkowska Street 122 in Łódź.

Go to the partner's website
Cryptocurrency transactions partner

A nationwide network of cryptocurrency exchange offices offering in-person and online exchanges. Visit one of the branches and enjoy a convenient, fast, and secure transaction with low commissions.

Go to the partner's website
Printing fulfillment partner
CUK printing house

CUK has over 20 years of tradition in providing the highest quality reprography services for individual and corporate clients. He specializes in various forms of printing.

Go to the partner's website
Online implementation partner

An advertising agency specializing in creating websites, collaborating with We Make It to enhance the image of clients. Our combined efforts contribute to a boost in sales.

Go to the partner's website

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