RoboHero is a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices that merges entertainment and blockchain. It allows both Web2 and Web3 players to enter a post-apocalyptic metaverse where robot factions battle for resources.

$2 800 000

funds raised in 2 months.

over 27k

followers on X (formerly Twitter).

1000 NFT

sold in 86 seconds.


The creators of RoboHero approached us to lead the marketing efforts for a project aimed at raising funds for the game's further development. Our task was to create a recognizable brand, introduce the product to the market, and build an engaged community of players.



We took care of both the graphic aspect of the project, closely related to the appearance of the game itself, and an extensive promotion online and directly at industry events. We also organized a testing group for RoboHero in its beta version.

We created a social media communication plan executed through strategic partnerships, including collaborations with G2A or GameSwift, influencers such as the international CryptoRUs, and locally with KryptoEkipa and KryptoRaport from Poland. They created dedicated posts on Twitter and mentioned the game in their YouTube videos.

Our efforts were supported by promotional articles on platforms such as,, and BeInCrypto.

Furthermore, we undertook a complete graphic redesign. We prepared booths at trade shows such as Poznań Game Arena, Invest Cuffs, CryptoVerse, and WebSummit. At PGA, we also prepared mystery boxes and played RoboHero with the community. Recently, we have been focusing on establishing partnerships with projects in Asia.


  • Thanks to the agency’s efforts, the project managed to raise $2,800,000. These funds enable further development work on the game.
  • The collection of 1000 NFTs was sold out in 86 seconds. The game has an extensive partnership network that continues to grow.
  • The game has an extensive network of partnerships that is constantly expanding. Partners proactively reach out to the project to initiate collaboration.
  • We gained over 26 thousand followers on X (formerly Twitter).
  • Currently, RoboHero enjoys a broad community that actively engages in its development.
  • RoboHero can boast a group of 200 testers who actively support the game’s development.

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