Revenue Coin

Revenue Coin is an innovative project connecting blockchain users with businesses. Entrepreneurs receive financial support in exchange for sharing profits with the project's community.

$6 719 977

funds raised in 3 months.


that built awareness of the project.

30 000

followers on X (formerly Twitter).


Among the expectations of Revenue Coin were to build project awareness, educate investors, and assist in fundraising for the further development of the project.



In response to the needs of RevenueCoin, we promoted the project by managing social media channels and influencer campaigns. We combined these efforts with graphic design services. Additionally, we conducted a consultative role in building the tokenomics.


  • Thanks to the efforts of our specialists, Revenue Coin raised an impressive $6,719,977 for further development.
  • Through collaboration with influencers, the project reached users worldwide and gained an engaged community.
  • Thanks to the growing popularity of the project, other Internet creators became interested in Ari10 and started creating content about it.

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