Fox Accounting

Fox Accounting is a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, providing support in the fields of personnel, payroll, and human resources for both small businesses and large corporations.

A logo

that sticks in the memory.

Visual identity

distinctive and attention-grabbing.


that is elegant and functional.


Fox Accounting needed to create a professional and cohesive corporate image from scratch that would establish it in the audience's minds as trustworthy, thus attracting potential clients to benefit from its services.



In response to the client’s need, we created a visual identity project that included a logo and key visual and designed a website that serves as a business card.


  • Through the collaborative efforts of graphic designers and copywriters, a unique website was created, setting the brand apart in the vast sector of payroll outsourcing services. The visual identity crafted once will be utilized by Fox Accounting indefinitely.

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