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WeMakeIt is a team of professionals

& enthusiasts with passion.

On this page you will learn why you will not regret entrusting us with a task.

Get to know us

Who are we?

Every day we follow a simple credo "You name it, we make it". After all that's where our name is from.

We are, as we like to call it, an "atypical agency", i.e. a combination of a digital and marketing agency employing specialists in many fields.

The idea to have such a wide range of fields came from a need that we noticed over time.

When our marketing sector merged with the web sector, we decided not to close ourselves to people who need more, of related services.

These services include, among others creating logos, and shooting advertising films.

Today, we can proudly answer to most of your requests...

...Yes, we make it!

What we do?





Buzz marketing

Need silent sales assistance?
You're just starting out and you just don't have that "kick"?
Sit in the chair and leave it to us.

Websites & SEO

Are you looking for a website? Do you want to refresh the current one?
You can count on our help in both cases.
Nothing that can be programmed is foreign to us.

Image creation / Branding

We will make your customers gravitate to your brand with a good logo. Same as
ships reach the port thanks to the lighthouse.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... it's just the big three, and
more and more players are sitting at the table.
With our help you will keep up and stay ahead of the trend.

Meet our team

Patryk Kempiński

Patryk is not only the CEO, but also an important team member. He has many successful projects under his belt and no less years of experience in marketing, sales and in the cryptocurrency industry.

Teresa Zaucha

Nobody would introduce Teresa as well as she herself because no one we know can establish positive relationships with others so well. It immediately became clear that she is part of the team.

Klaudia Pietrzak

Klaudia creates unconventional strategies for our clients. As a strategic marketing specialist, she provides solutions that effectively build brand value on the Internet.

Adrian Olejnik

Adrian brought even more freshness, positive attitude and enthusiasm to the team. As a Content Creator, he's just great and the content he creates has a feeling of attention to detail.

Aleksandra Wasążnik

Ola is a social media specialist in our team. She has a head full of ideas, which she uses to creatively manage our clients' profiles, both in terms of visual creations and text creation.

Quality policy

The ground for SEO

One point regarding SEO is beyond doubt. The better the "interview" we conduct with the client, the better we understand what keywords to introduce for good positioning. What is the subject of the website with which audience we are dealing?

Choosing the hosting

We use the services of two hosting providers, other for large and other for smaller projects. We require reliability from hosting. Depending on the needs of the project, the differences relate to the price and the parameters proportionate to it. You also have the option of proposing your own hosting.

Mobile Ready standard

Pages optimized for smartphones and tablets have been for a long time not a luxury but a necessary standard. Our team has adopted its own strategy and it depends on the complexity of the project and the target group whether the website is created in the mobile first or desktop first system.

Modern graphics & logos

If we were forced to choose between the design straight from 2015 and not a certain fashion that may soon pass ... We would rather not choose at all. We like to create our logos and graphics in the "edge of tomorrow" style, always fresh, up-to-date and safe for the client.

CMS as needed

Each project is different. For some, a typical CMS system is a reliable content editing tool, for others it will only make life difficult. Let our experience help you decide which group you are in.

Collaboration is key

We can make a project for you and finish cooperation with it. However, if you want to receive long-term support and changes in the project from us, we have introduced the possibility of purchasing an annual subscription at a competitive price.

Security & Antispam

We care about the security of our projects, you will not see bad practices in the field of storing passwords and confidential data. Client-side contact form verification? It is NOT with us, we are taking care over your nerves.

Backup for you

Some time has passed since you ordered the project from us, but your employee has inadvertently deleted the page from the server? Don't worry, we always keep a copy of the project made for you in a safe place so that you can get it from us free of charge in such a situation.